Thursday, September 26, 2013

Purgatory Chasm State Reservation

It's that time once again! My next adventure lead me, Mom, Gram and my cousin Jenna to Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, RI.
The Chasm is a place for hikers and trail walkers!! It came known around 1919! Some believe the Chasm was formed by the Earth shifting, some by an earthquake, but the 70 foot high granite walls, are still a mystery even to this day!
So lace up your hiking boots, grab your backpack and don't forget your water and come along with me!! The Chasm is a great place, but be aware one slip or fall and you could be very hurt, some have even lost their lives.
We came upon our first little cave, we climbed though, but realized it didn't go very far so we turned around and continued on our way, there was much to see!
Jenna and I climbed up a boulder a bit for a short rest and to take some pictures of course!!
I crawled into one of the many caves at the Chasm, I had a lot of room to move around, but my Mom didn't have much at all!!

Lets keep going! We traveled farther and farther down the Chasm! The weather was so beautiful, but hiking does use a lot of muscles!! 
Our next stop was Lover's Leap! We were not equipped for this kind of rock climbing, so we just admired the view and on our way we went!
Looking up, we saw more of Lover's Leap! I think we will stick to the rocks lower to the ground!
As we kept going, I was reminded of Harry Potter! The roots of this tree were so beautiful in every way!
It's a long way down, but we can do it!! Come on let's keep going and see what else we can see!
Jenna enjoyed exploring the caves. She told me that it was so much cooler in the cave then it was in the sunshine!! 
Now which way do we go??

Hiking makes you hungry, so we found a nice spot and had our lunch! I had a PB&J sandwich, some cookies and of course my water!!  
Time to pack up and move on, but not before seeing how high up we were!! Man we are high!!
Devil's Corn Crib, let's go check it out!!

Devil's Corn Crib started out small and then widened up!! It was great fun walking the Crib!
We made a quick stop inside the main building and they had some pretty cool exhibits! We got to see how many different rocks were inside the Chasm!!
The next exhibit had all different bird's nests! The eggs in the nests where eggs that were abandoned and never hatched!!
We called this rock the slidy rock!! It was so steep, we didn't dare to climb it!!
I found this very cool, well not that the guy died, but the World War II part, as that is my historical time era! 
 Before we heading home, we found two abandoned buildings! This one was the Old Spring House of 1926! It made me wonder what this little house was used for!!
Here is inside of the Old Spring House! The windows are completely open and there was no door. As we listened closely we could hear water running under that square block on the floor! Maybe they used it to get their water from the spring!
Here is the second building! There was nothing marking it like the Spring House, so we don't know was it was used for and we were too scared to look inside! The building was locked so there was no going in!! What would have been here in this building in the middle of the woods? Some say it was once the restrooms, some say it was maybe a bunkhouse, some say it was a prison and others think vampires lived here, but there is no way of knowing! Maybe we will ask a park ranger next time!

It has come time to go home and leave this beautiful natural made place! There is so much mystery here of how everything came to be! We all had a wonderful day, but two and a half hours of hiking, we are all tired!! I hope you enjoyed another adventure!! I wonder where we will end up next time!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

First day of fall apple picking!

Hello friends! Can you believe today is the first day of Fall?! I know I can't! I think Fall is my favorite season, apart from Summer! I love everything about Fall, warmer clothes, hot coco, leaves changing, all the pies, especially apple picking, which is what me and Mom and Gram did today!!

As we arrived at our local farm, we got our bag for picking and jumped on the hayride to take us to the fields!
The ride to the field was really bumpy, but so much fun! As we traveled I got to see lots and lots of corn. They looked so yummy and good and Gram promised we could get some on the way back!
We finally arrived at the field and we didn't know where to begin! There are so many kinds of apples! There are McIntosh and Golden Delicious, and Courtlands and a few we had never even heard of before!!
Apple picking is a lot of fun and our bag was beginning to fill up fast, but we still had quite a bit of apples that we could still pick! The McIntosh ones are my favorite!! I could already taste the deliciousness of Gram's Swedish Apple Pie!!
I loved climbing the trees a bit to get some more apples!! There was so many to pick from!!
1, 2, 3, 4 gosh so many apples to be picked, but we will save these for other people!!
I claimed this one to be mine!! Just a little farther...
The orchard just keeps on going on and on and on!! To think of how many apples there are makes my head spin!!
Before we headed back to the spot to catch the hayride back, we stopped at one of the three corn fields! It looks like all the corn from this field is long gone!!
I had asked Mom if we could pick pumpkins today too, but she says next time we can! I love how orange they are, Fall is officially here!!
With our apples all picked, it was time to get back on the hayride and head home! Seeing all the apple and corn on the way back was lots of fun!! But boy was it a bumpy ride!!
It was time to head home! I had such a wonderful day with Mom and Gram!! We got lots of apples to eat!! It's a good thing I love apples!! Before we headed home we stopped inside the main building to pick up our corn!!
While Gram picked out some corn, we spotted this big pumpkin! It was bigger than me!! I had lots of fun!! Until the next adventure!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nature walk!

Today, Mom was out of work early and it was so beautiful out, so we wanted to spend some time outside and what better way to do that is to take a walk!!
Mom told me that we had a bunch of walking trails in the back of our house so we wanted to walk those instead of just going around the neighborhood!! There are lots of trails so Mom told me it's always best to go with someone else then walking alone, plus it's always so much more fun when others go with you!!
After walking for awhile we stopped to rest for a bit and just enjoy the sunshine! The trails are really rocky so we had to be very careful not to trip and fall and of course not to get lost!!
As we continued on our way, we came across a feather! Living in the country we see lots and lots of birds, especially in the spring time! I think this is a crow's feather and I wanted to touch it and feel how soft it was but Mom was against it!!
We continued on and came across this twisty and low tree!! It was so cool how it has grown over the years!! It reminded me of Bridge to Terabithia!! While we looked at every twist and turn, I had the urge to climb up a bit, as long as I did not go too far! I felt like a little monkey as I climbed!!
We carried on and we saw this and we were like WOW!! Mom wondered if it happened during when hurricane Sandy hit our area! Mom and my Aunt walked the same trail a year ago and this was never here!! It was amazing to see a tree completely torn up and with the earth still attached!!
 I am still amazed at the sight of this!! It's crazy what nature can do! I am just glad no one lives on the trails and no one was hurt by the tree!!
Here is the same tree, it just keeps going and going and going!! I still can't believe it!!!

It was time to head on home!! I had lots of fun walking the trails with my Mom and I can not wait until to walk the tails again when the pretty leaves start to change color!!
We were almost home when I spotted the first colorful leave!! I love the oranges and greens of it!!! Autumn is on it's way!! Until next time!!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zoo Trip

Hello people, it's been awhile I know, but preparing for school to start has taken up some of my time!! But I wanted to tell you about a trip I took almost two weeks ago!!

Two weeks ago was my Mom's birthday so we thought long and hard of places we wanted to go!! Where did we end up?!! The ZOO!!!
As soon as we got there we saw the beautiful parrots, we tryed and tryed to get them to talk, but they would not say a word, but as soon as we started to walk away they said, "Goodbye" it was quite funny!!
The next animal we spotted was the giant turtle!! I think giant is an understatement because man were these guys huge!!They don't move very fast, but being that big I don't blame them!!  
Next up was the rhinos!! They were so darn cute, I think these were the babies because they weren't very big!! They reminded me of the rhinos in Lion King 2!!
As we walked through the African Plains we came across the tigers, Mom's favorite animal!! They were so beautiful, but moved way too fast that I couldn't get in the picture with them!! 
We continued on our wild adventure when we came upon little kangaroos.. can you see the little one laying in the sun?
In the African Plains we spotted the baboons!! I love the many different colors on their faces and their little babies are so cute!! I am reminded of Rafiki from Lion King!!
Mom and I looked on the zoo's website a week before we went to the zoo to see what was new to the zoo and come to find out these little guys were build a new habitat!! The prairie dogs were so funny to watch!! Especially the look out, can you spot him?! Some ran around and played, some dug tunnels but that little lookout was not moving, but as soon as it was time to say good-bye to them he followed us as if he didn't want us to go!!
Another new attraction to the zoo this year is the mine!!  We did not get to hunt for treasure, but Mom said maybe next time we can!! It was so cool to see a mine!!
The chimps had to be my all time favorite to watch!! They are beautiful creatures and the little baby, Tanzie, is so cute and so funny, I love her so much!!
The sika deer were so beautiful and majestic, my Aunt, who came along with us along with my Gram, got to feed the deer. They were so beautiful and I have never seen deer so close, but they were hungry!! 
The camels were so wonderful to see! I still can't believe in there humps they carry water, that's a lot of water, at least they will never go thirsty!! My Aunt told me when she was a bit younger than me, she rode a camel!! 
While we continued our wild journey we stopped to say hi to the alligators! I wouldn't wanna put my hand over that fence!! Can you see him?!
Back in the African Plains we visited the zebras!!They are so beautiful!! I love how their strips gleam in the sun!! I wonder if they are black with white stripes or white with black stripes?!!
This little giraffe was super friendly! She definitely loved the attention and when I got home I found out her name is Molly, just like mine!!
This little monkey was so funny, he kept putting this bucket on his head and running around with it, it was so silly!! I could watch them for hours if I could!!
This little monkey was so cute!! He kept watching us but kept his foot on his head, we wondered if he had a headache, but he never took his eyes off of us!!
I loved the baby lions the most of all!! There names are Levonna and LJ, they are brother and sister and were just born at the beginning of the year!! They have to stay separate from the parents so nothing happens to them!!
After we were all done seeing all the animals and before we went home, I got to pick out something from the gift shop, I chose these too!! The little monkey I named Tanzie after the little chimp and the little owl I named Onyx!! 
Have you ever been to the zoo, what was your favorite animal? We had so much fun and I can not wait to go again!!