Saturday, September 21, 2013

First day of fall apple picking!

Hello friends! Can you believe today is the first day of Fall?! I know I can't! I think Fall is my favorite season, apart from Summer! I love everything about Fall, warmer clothes, hot coco, leaves changing, all the pies, especially apple picking, which is what me and Mom and Gram did today!!

As we arrived at our local farm, we got our bag for picking and jumped on the hayride to take us to the fields!
The ride to the field was really bumpy, but so much fun! As we traveled I got to see lots and lots of corn. They looked so yummy and good and Gram promised we could get some on the way back!
We finally arrived at the field and we didn't know where to begin! There are so many kinds of apples! There are McIntosh and Golden Delicious, and Courtlands and a few we had never even heard of before!!
Apple picking is a lot of fun and our bag was beginning to fill up fast, but we still had quite a bit of apples that we could still pick! The McIntosh ones are my favorite!! I could already taste the deliciousness of Gram's Swedish Apple Pie!!
I loved climbing the trees a bit to get some more apples!! There was so many to pick from!!
1, 2, 3, 4 gosh so many apples to be picked, but we will save these for other people!!
I claimed this one to be mine!! Just a little farther...
The orchard just keeps on going on and on and on!! To think of how many apples there are makes my head spin!!
Before we headed back to the spot to catch the hayride back, we stopped at one of the three corn fields! It looks like all the corn from this field is long gone!!
I had asked Mom if we could pick pumpkins today too, but she says next time we can! I love how orange they are, Fall is officially here!!
With our apples all picked, it was time to get back on the hayride and head home! Seeing all the apple and corn on the way back was lots of fun!! But boy was it a bumpy ride!!
It was time to head home! I had such a wonderful day with Mom and Gram!! We got lots of apples to eat!! It's a good thing I love apples!! Before we headed home we stopped inside the main building to pick up our corn!!
While Gram picked out some corn, we spotted this big pumpkin! It was bigger than me!! I had lots of fun!! Until the next adventure!!


  1. I've never seen an apple tree. Looks like it was an awesome day.

    1. Oh gosh!! I hope you can go apple picking one day!! It's lots of fun!!

  2. This looks like so much fun!!! So glad you had a great day!!! Would love to go apple picking! I like to pick peaches and blackberries!

    1. We did have lots of fun!! I have never picked peaches but I do love to eat them!! My Mom has been blueberry picking and says it's lots of fun!!

  3. So cute....what an awesome day! <3Jenna Rae

    1. Yes it was an awesome day, wish you could have came!!