Friday, October 3, 2014

Florida Vacation

Hello friends, I know it's been forever, but school and summer vacation has kept me busy. Last month, Mom and I went to go visit some friends in Florida. I have never been to Florida, much less been on a plane, so I was super excited for this trip!Our flight was super early so we packed our bags and on we went! When we arrived we found our friends and we were so happy to see them! When we arrived, our new friends showed us around town. Our first stop was Lake Okeechobee.
Molly showed me the lake, which was so beautiful! The sun gleamed off the water which made it look like glass!
We got to go exploring at the lake and came across this rock with rocks stuck inside! We think at one time the waves of the water did this but we are not sure!
The next day we headed to the beach with two of our other friends, Emily and Samantha! 
As we sat out on the beach, we could see people boating! I've never seen a sail boat, they are so beautiful!
We didn't have buckets or shovels so we made a mountain castle with lots of pretty seashells!
The beach was so beautiful and relaxing, we hated to leave, but it was time to go on our next adventure!
The following day we met up with another girl with the name of Molly, I'm in the blue dress, at the harbor. Seeing all the big boats up close was amazing. 
We found a small beach to play on at the end of the day, but our day got cut short because the wind started to kick up and a storm was blowing in!!

It was such a wonderful vacation and I can't wait to visit my friends again soon!! Did you go anywhere fun and exciting this summer? 
Until next time!