Thursday, October 3, 2013

Indian Summer

Today my friends and I headed to the gorge! It has been so nice out that we wanted to get out and enjoy it!!
My Mom told us, usually this time of year we are usually bundled up in long sleeve tops and pants, but not today!! 
It was so beautiful out and I wanted to share this beautiful day with my neighbors and friends, Ruthie and Alex!! I was so glad they came with me to the gorge!!
Ruthie had told me this was her first time to the gorge, I was so excited to share all the beauty of the gorge with her!!
Alex also told me that it was her first time here!! I was surprised that they have never been here before, especially because it was so close to our neighborhood!!
We traveled down stream and we loved seeing all the beautiful trees changing colors! We all love the Fall time and our Indian Summer that we are having, but we know the warm weather won't last very long!!
It was such a great day to spend with my friends, Ruthie and Alex! I am looking forward to visiting the gorge again with them!! Until next time!!