Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Time

Last week I had my two BFFs Emily and Saige sleep over my house and they helped me decorate the Christmas tree and put up the decorations!! We were all sort of depressed that American Girl our most favorite store in the whole world was retiring all three of us.. so there was no more visiting our twins!! We figured it was a good time to get in the Christmas sprite and keep our minds busy!!
We dragged all the boxes from the basement into the livingroom and could not wait to get started!!
Emily and I grabbed some lights to hang on the wall.. Saige sits back and kept telling us to put it higher!!!
Saige found the wreath to hang above the fireplace!! Emily and I kept telling her higher higher, we all had a great laugh about it!!
I found some star garland to go along the fireplace's mantle!! Everything is staring to look so Christmas-y!!
Mom found some snowflakes she made last year that were left over!! They are so pretty and all so different just like the snowflakes that fall outside!!
Saige found the nutcrackers!! She loves them both, she kept making them talk in silly voices.. oh Saige!!
I love this little town most of all!! I love to just sit and look at all the happy faces and the little buildings.. it's all so cute and Christmas-y!!
With the tree trimmed and the lights hung it was time to decorate the tree!! First went up the star garland!!
I got to hang up the first ornament!! I looked in the box and choose a snowflake blue ball!!
It was Saige's turn to pick an ornament and she picked out a green swirled candy!!!
Emily looked and looked in the box and found some candy canes, she said they looked good enough to eat!!
We took turns placing the ornaments on the tree and it looked soo pretty, but there was one thing missing!! THE GOLDEN STAR!! The girls allowed me to do the special honor to place the star on top!! When it was up it was so pretty and and prefect!!
As Saige, Emily and I sat around the tree we looked in amazement!! Everything was so beautiful!! I was so glad Emily and Saige came over to decorate!!
Our dogs came prancing in, looking at all the decorations!! We had to watch them careful so they didn't knock anything over!! They were just as excited as we are!!!
Bennett, Sam, and Yank loved being together and so did we!! We love Christmas most of all, but we love being together too!! 

How do you get ready for the Christmas season? 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

American Girl Boston and Halloween

Hello friends, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. First we took a trip up to Natick Mall to visit all our friends!! My neighbor, McKenna, her Mom, Gram and my cousin, Jenna took the trip with us!!
Upon our arrival, we met up with a girl riding along on her scooter! McKenna and I both agreed that she reminded us of McKenna's sister, Reagan!! 
We wondered the store some more and came upon a snowy scene with a smiley snowman!! I love the snowman so much, I can not wait until it snows here!!
McKenna loved the snowy scene too.. she especially loved the blue sweater set this girl was wearing!! 
Next we were off to school!! I love the science set the most!!
We defiantly had winter on the brain! These outfits reminded me of my friend Mia and how much she would have loved these!! I love how soft the skating outfit was!!
With the holidays right around the corner, McKenna and I loved seeing the new holiday outfits!!! The red one was so pretty, but I really like the cream colored one!!
Lunch was calling our name, what better way to have lunch then with Caroline in her parlor!! Look I can see Mom's hand in the mirror.. so silly!!
I really enjoyed seeing all the girls in their holiday outfit.. they all looked soo beautiful and ready for some celebrations!!! I had a blast visiting all my friends at the store and seeing everyone in holiday outfits!!!
When we arrived home three new girls moved into my neighborhood! First is Spencer, I learned she loves animals, a good mystery, she is smart in school and she loves ocean animals, especially sea turtles and dolphins!!
The next new girl in our neighborhood is Kaya'aton'my! Kaya told us she is of the Nez Perce tribe. She can be shy sometimes, but once you get to know her she is a sweet girl! She likes spending lots and lots of time outside!! She loves all animals and is very caring and brave!! She loves all sorts of handmade jewelry!!
The last new girl is Skylla. Skylla is from Africa. Skylla told us that she loves the fall time the best because it is not too hot and not too cold! She loves being outside, but also likes to curl up with a good book! She loves ballet and classical music! 
All of our new neighbors are great girls and I am so glad they are here!!

Two days ago was Halloween!! For most of us, this was our first Halloween together so we were so excited to dress up and go trick or treating together!!
Our Mom's insisted they take a few pictures of us before we went off and had our fun!!!
Saige dressed up as Belle and Sango as Snow White!!!
Three pretty princess' Kasey, Emily and Ruthie!!!
Mia dressed as a cheerleader, McKenna as a pumpkin and I dressed as a wizard!!! We all had so much fun!!
I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!! Until next time!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sick Day

Hello friends! Today I stayed home from school!! It has become that time of the year! The time where everyone is coughing and sneezing! I have become one of them! I got the cold!!
I got to lay in bed all day with my PJ's and my bear a friend of mine got for me!! For one that likes to be so active laying in bed all day can get pretty boring so what is a 10-year-old girl to do?!
Mom dug through her old toys for me and she found her Puzzle Place People!! She told me they were from a show in the 90's that she used to watch when she was a kid!! I asked if they had names and she said yes, they are Kiki, Leon, Ben, Skye, Jody and Julie!! I think they are my new favorite toy!!
I have quite a few books so I pulled out one of my favorites, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin! I snuggled down and read to my Pooh Bear! Mom says we will make a shirt for him soon!!
Next I pulled out my princess puzzle, another gift from a friend and worked on that for a while but I didn't get to finish it!!!
Before long, I grew very tired!! So I layed down and took a short nap!! All this play time has worn me out!!
When I woke up, Mom brought me some soup and some orange juice!! I was a lot hungrier then I thought I was! The soup differently helped  my throat at least for a little while!
What to play with now?!!
I found my Monsters Inc. toys Mom got for me last week! I kinda forgot about them!! Sully has to be my favorite!!
Look what Mom found in her old toys!! Flip basketball!! I love this game, but I quickly got bored with it! I put it away and looked for something else to play with!
I remembered Mom had gotten me a big Minnie Mouse coloring book the day I came to Massachusetts and I hadn't colored in it yet! What a perfect day to take it out and color some!!
After I colored for a while it was time to get some more rest!! Being sick is no fun, but I hope to get better soon so I can go back to school and see my best friend Emily again!!
Until next time!! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Indian Summer

Today my friends and I headed to the gorge! It has been so nice out that we wanted to get out and enjoy it!!
My Mom told us, usually this time of year we are usually bundled up in long sleeve tops and pants, but not today!! 
It was so beautiful out and I wanted to share this beautiful day with my neighbors and friends, Ruthie and Alex!! I was so glad they came with me to the gorge!!
Ruthie had told me this was her first time to the gorge, I was so excited to share all the beauty of the gorge with her!!
Alex also told me that it was her first time here!! I was surprised that they have never been here before, especially because it was so close to our neighborhood!!
We traveled down stream and we loved seeing all the beautiful trees changing colors! We all love the Fall time and our Indian Summer that we are having, but we know the warm weather won't last very long!!
It was such a great day to spend with my friends, Ruthie and Alex! I am looking forward to visiting the gorge again with them!! Until next time!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Purgatory Chasm State Reservation

It's that time once again! My next adventure lead me, Mom, Gram and my cousin Jenna to Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, RI.
The Chasm is a place for hikers and trail walkers!! It came known around 1919! Some believe the Chasm was formed by the Earth shifting, some by an earthquake, but the 70 foot high granite walls, are still a mystery even to this day!
So lace up your hiking boots, grab your backpack and don't forget your water and come along with me!! The Chasm is a great place, but be aware one slip or fall and you could be very hurt, some have even lost their lives.
We came upon our first little cave, we climbed though, but realized it didn't go very far so we turned around and continued on our way, there was much to see!
Jenna and I climbed up a boulder a bit for a short rest and to take some pictures of course!!
I crawled into one of the many caves at the Chasm, I had a lot of room to move around, but my Mom didn't have much at all!!

Lets keep going! We traveled farther and farther down the Chasm! The weather was so beautiful, but hiking does use a lot of muscles!! 
Our next stop was Lover's Leap! We were not equipped for this kind of rock climbing, so we just admired the view and on our way we went!
Looking up, we saw more of Lover's Leap! I think we will stick to the rocks lower to the ground!
As we kept going, I was reminded of Harry Potter! The roots of this tree were so beautiful in every way!
It's a long way down, but we can do it!! Come on let's keep going and see what else we can see!
Jenna enjoyed exploring the caves. She told me that it was so much cooler in the cave then it was in the sunshine!! 
Now which way do we go??

Hiking makes you hungry, so we found a nice spot and had our lunch! I had a PB&J sandwich, some cookies and of course my water!!  
Time to pack up and move on, but not before seeing how high up we were!! Man we are high!!
Devil's Corn Crib, let's go check it out!!

Devil's Corn Crib started out small and then widened up!! It was great fun walking the Crib!
We made a quick stop inside the main building and they had some pretty cool exhibits! We got to see how many different rocks were inside the Chasm!!
The next exhibit had all different bird's nests! The eggs in the nests where eggs that were abandoned and never hatched!!
We called this rock the slidy rock!! It was so steep, we didn't dare to climb it!!
I found this very cool, well not that the guy died, but the World War II part, as that is my historical time era! 
 Before we heading home, we found two abandoned buildings! This one was the Old Spring House of 1926! It made me wonder what this little house was used for!!
Here is inside of the Old Spring House! The windows are completely open and there was no door. As we listened closely we could hear water running under that square block on the floor! Maybe they used it to get their water from the spring!
Here is the second building! There was nothing marking it like the Spring House, so we don't know was it was used for and we were too scared to look inside! The building was locked so there was no going in!! What would have been here in this building in the middle of the woods? Some say it was once the restrooms, some say it was maybe a bunkhouse, some say it was a prison and others think vampires lived here, but there is no way of knowing! Maybe we will ask a park ranger next time!

It has come time to go home and leave this beautiful natural made place! There is so much mystery here of how everything came to be! We all had a wonderful day, but two and a half hours of hiking, we are all tired!! I hope you enjoyed another adventure!! I wonder where we will end up next time!!!