Thursday, September 26, 2013

Purgatory Chasm State Reservation

It's that time once again! My next adventure lead me, Mom, Gram and my cousin Jenna to Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, RI.
The Chasm is a place for hikers and trail walkers!! It came known around 1919! Some believe the Chasm was formed by the Earth shifting, some by an earthquake, but the 70 foot high granite walls, are still a mystery even to this day!
So lace up your hiking boots, grab your backpack and don't forget your water and come along with me!! The Chasm is a great place, but be aware one slip or fall and you could be very hurt, some have even lost their lives.
We came upon our first little cave, we climbed though, but realized it didn't go very far so we turned around and continued on our way, there was much to see!
Jenna and I climbed up a boulder a bit for a short rest and to take some pictures of course!!
I crawled into one of the many caves at the Chasm, I had a lot of room to move around, but my Mom didn't have much at all!!

Lets keep going! We traveled farther and farther down the Chasm! The weather was so beautiful, but hiking does use a lot of muscles!! 
Our next stop was Lover's Leap! We were not equipped for this kind of rock climbing, so we just admired the view and on our way we went!
Looking up, we saw more of Lover's Leap! I think we will stick to the rocks lower to the ground!
As we kept going, I was reminded of Harry Potter! The roots of this tree were so beautiful in every way!
It's a long way down, but we can do it!! Come on let's keep going and see what else we can see!
Jenna enjoyed exploring the caves. She told me that it was so much cooler in the cave then it was in the sunshine!! 
Now which way do we go??

Hiking makes you hungry, so we found a nice spot and had our lunch! I had a PB&J sandwich, some cookies and of course my water!!  
Time to pack up and move on, but not before seeing how high up we were!! Man we are high!!
Devil's Corn Crib, let's go check it out!!

Devil's Corn Crib started out small and then widened up!! It was great fun walking the Crib!
We made a quick stop inside the main building and they had some pretty cool exhibits! We got to see how many different rocks were inside the Chasm!!
The next exhibit had all different bird's nests! The eggs in the nests where eggs that were abandoned and never hatched!!
We called this rock the slidy rock!! It was so steep, we didn't dare to climb it!!
I found this very cool, well not that the guy died, but the World War II part, as that is my historical time era! 
 Before we heading home, we found two abandoned buildings! This one was the Old Spring House of 1926! It made me wonder what this little house was used for!!
Here is inside of the Old Spring House! The windows are completely open and there was no door. As we listened closely we could hear water running under that square block on the floor! Maybe they used it to get their water from the spring!
Here is the second building! There was nothing marking it like the Spring House, so we don't know was it was used for and we were too scared to look inside! The building was locked so there was no going in!! What would have been here in this building in the middle of the woods? Some say it was once the restrooms, some say it was maybe a bunkhouse, some say it was a prison and others think vampires lived here, but there is no way of knowing! Maybe we will ask a park ranger next time!

It has come time to go home and leave this beautiful natural made place! There is so much mystery here of how everything came to be! We all had a wonderful day, but two and a half hours of hiking, we are all tired!! I hope you enjoyed another adventure!! I wonder where we will end up next time!!!