Thursday, February 6, 2014

BIG Snow Day!!!!

Yesterday we got a foot of snow!! It's soo deep, our well in the back yard is almost covered!! Today, I got to go out and play!!
The snow snow is almost up to my knees, so I had to be very careful!!
I plopped down and got started on a snow angel! I moved my arms and legs back and forth and back and forth and.............
I think I did a good job, wouldn't you say?!!
As tired as my arms were, I wanted to make a snowman!! 
I tried my best because the snow on top was so fluffy and not really good for making a snowman!! He is my arm less snowman!!!
I love New England snow days!! It's like a winter wonderland here!!
I love to just sit in the snow, but I do wish I had a sled, so I can go sledding, maybe one day I will have one!!!
I love looking at the beautiful snow! I love when the sun hits the snow, it looks like someone blew lots of glitter all over the place!!!
What a great snow day!! What do you like to do in the snow if you have it where you live, if you don't what do you wish you could do?!!
Until next time!!!