Monday, November 3, 2014

Animal Sanctuary

Hello friends, today I got the chance to visit Animal Sanctuary! A.S. is a place where injured animals live. Some are released back into the wild once they are better but some live there because of their injuries.
The owner took Mom and I on a tour of the grounds. All the animals were so cute! When he told us they had some owls, I got so excited! Owls are my absolute favorite animals EVER! 
As we approached the owls, they where just so cute! The guy told me these owls stay there at the Sanctuary. He told me they are always reserving donations and people come in and adopt an owl. It provides them with food and the meds that they need. I looked at mom and she knew what I was thinking. The adoption was perfect! As I looked for the perfect little owl to adopt, one called out to me!
This little one flew onto my shoulder and I knew she was the one! I made sure I was very careful as I pet her, she looked so happy to be with me! 
With the adoption complete the owner handed me this little book!
The book told me all about my owl. I found out, she is a Barn Owl! The book told me Barn Owls, like her, generally have heart-shaped faces and are famous for flying silent as ghosts. 
Inside the little book there is a Certificate Of Adoption where I sign and choose a name for my owl! I picked Gypsy Snow!
As I read on I was surprised to find out that owls are dinosaurs! Yes, that's right, dinosaurs. The book says, way back along its family tree owls, like all birds, are related to T-Rex. Owls eat meat, and most stalk the night to find it. Some nab animals like mice off the ground. Others snatch fellow birds out of the air. Still others swoop low over water to pluck out fish. Very interesting!
It was time to say good-bye to my new friend. But before I left Gypsy, I promised I would be back very soon. I so wish I could take Gypsy home with me, but mom said she must stay with her friends!

Have you ever adopted a special animal or friend?!! Until next time. my friends!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Florida Vacation

Hello friends, I know it's been forever, but school and summer vacation has kept me busy. Last month, Mom and I went to go visit some friends in Florida. I have never been to Florida, much less been on a plane, so I was super excited for this trip!Our flight was super early so we packed our bags and on we went! When we arrived we found our friends and we were so happy to see them! When we arrived, our new friends showed us around town. Our first stop was Lake Okeechobee.
Molly showed me the lake, which was so beautiful! The sun gleamed off the water which made it look like glass!
We got to go exploring at the lake and came across this rock with rocks stuck inside! We think at one time the waves of the water did this but we are not sure!
The next day we headed to the beach with two of our other friends, Emily and Samantha! 
As we sat out on the beach, we could see people boating! I've never seen a sail boat, they are so beautiful!
We didn't have buckets or shovels so we made a mountain castle with lots of pretty seashells!
The beach was so beautiful and relaxing, we hated to leave, but it was time to go on our next adventure!
The following day we met up with another girl with the name of Molly, I'm in the blue dress, at the harbor. Seeing all the big boats up close was amazing. 
We found a small beach to play on at the end of the day, but our day got cut short because the wind started to kick up and a storm was blowing in!!

It was such a wonderful vacation and I can't wait to visit my friends again soon!! Did you go anywhere fun and exciting this summer? 
Until next time!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone!! It's a tradition in our family on Easter to get dressed up in our best outfit and have a lovely dinner. This morning I woke up to find an Easter basket from my mom! She said it's from the Easter bunny!!
Look at all the treasures the "bunny" left me!!
The first thing I pulled out of my basket was an owl named Swoops. I love owls so much!! He is super cute!
I love ponies.. she is so precious!!
The next gift was Uno, I can't wait to play this when Emily comes over!
So many colorful eggs, which one to eat first?!!
Lots of treats to eat, I almost don't want to eat the little lamb.... Almost!!!!
I got a My Little Pony mystery packet, I got Berryshine, isn't she cute!!!
I love all the Disney princesses and I love this book!!
I love this little one!! She is so soft and fluffy!! I think she is my favorite out of my whole basket!!
Happy is sooo cute!!! She is so different then the others I have!!
I love these little books!!! Maybe I will bring this on the plane in September!!

Did you get a basket today, what did you get?!! Happy Easter to all!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Today is Valentine's day!! We don't go too big, like Christmas or birthdays, but my Mom did surprise me today!!
That's one big bag for one little girl!!
I wonder what is inside?!!
Oh my, so many wonderful things!!!
The first thing, Cinderella color set!! I love these sets so much!!! Perfect for a rainy or snowy day!! Wish I had this yesterday when it was snowing!!
Oh my, a Cinderella book!! It matches my coloring books!! I can't wait to read it!!!
An owl journal!!! I love this so much!! The owls are soo cute!!!
A sock monkey matching game, oh boy!!! I can not wait to play!!!!
This is my favorite!! Isn't he the cutest!!!!
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!!!! Did you get anything special on this day?!!!
Until next time!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

BIG Snow Day!!!!

Yesterday we got a foot of snow!! It's soo deep, our well in the back yard is almost covered!! Today, I got to go out and play!!
The snow snow is almost up to my knees, so I had to be very careful!!
I plopped down and got started on a snow angel! I moved my arms and legs back and forth and back and forth and.............
I think I did a good job, wouldn't you say?!!
As tired as my arms were, I wanted to make a snowman!! 
I tried my best because the snow on top was so fluffy and not really good for making a snowman!! He is my arm less snowman!!!
I love New England snow days!! It's like a winter wonderland here!!
I love to just sit in the snow, but I do wish I had a sled, so I can go sledding, maybe one day I will have one!!!
I love looking at the beautiful snow! I love when the sun hits the snow, it looks like someone blew lots of glitter all over the place!!!
What a great snow day!! What do you like to do in the snow if you have it where you live, if you don't what do you wish you could do?!!
Until next time!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow day!!

Today after school my friends came over! We had some snow fall over the last few weeks, I couldn't go outside for a while because it had been so cold out! Today it was a little warmer, but we did have some snow fall over the night!
Emily and I bundled up and while we played we waited for our other friends to arrive!
Spencer was the next to arrive she always looks so cute no matter what she wears!!!
Marie was the last to arrive!!
We all had a big snowball fight, then when our figures were so cold that they felt like they were going to fall off, it was time to say good-bye and to head on home!!
What a prefect way to end the day with a great group of friends!!
Once I was back inside, getting warmed up, Mom brought me some hot coco, while I worked on my blog!! I think Bennett is curious about what I was doing!!!

What do you like to do in the snow with your friends?!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Southwick's baby

Hello friends, I would like to tell you all about a little baby that was born on Jan. 12th!! You all know by know how much I love and care about animals and remember my trip to Southwick's Zoo last August, well they had a new baby born!!!
Meet Daisy, she was born in the morning, but there were some complications.
Her second day in ICU at Tufts. She has a very low white cell count.
Daisy is doing much better, and they expect that her health will improve each day! She is getting stronger and her white blood cell count is increasing. She is a newborn, but she stands 6ft tall and weighs 145 lbs! That's one big newborn!!!
Here she is resting comfortably and continues to improve everyday!
Daisy is continuing to improve. It's hard to believe just how sick she was because of her size.
Daisy is now back at Southwick's Zoo and getting all settled back home!!!
Good Golly Miss Molly, she is checking out her new cousin and neighbor, baby Daisy! So amazing!  

I know this post is not really about me, but please pray for little Daisy!! I can not wait to visit her and Molly this summer!!!

Until next time!!!

*All photos and info is from Southwick's Zoo*