Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sleepover with Emily!

Last week my best friend, Emily, came over!! We were so glad to be living in the same neighborhood again we wanted to do something special. Mom wanted to wait until I was all settled into our new home, so we set a date and it finally arrived!!
After dinner we planned out our night of fun and games!! It had been a long time scene we had seen each other so we were so excited to be together once again!! First we played our most favorite game, Pick Up Sticks!!
First you hold the sticks up straight then let them fall in a great heep! Then one by one you pick them up without moving the other sticks!! It's great fun, especially when you have a friend like Emily!!
Next we played Connect Four, one of Emily's favorite games!!
We played until we were tired so we got all dressed up in our jammies and I helped Emily set up her bed  and soon it was time for bed!!
But not before a pillow fight!! Which is our favorite thing to do at our sleepovers!! Once we were so tired that we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer it was time for bed!!
It was so much fun to have Emily over to spend the night and I can not wait for many more adventures with her and of course lots and lots more sleepovers with pillow fights!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blackstone Gorge!

Today Mom and I visited the Blackstone Gorge!! It's a hiking trail that runs along a river with waterfalls, but what I didn't realize was how much history involves the Gorge!
The waterfall we stopped at first is called Rolling Dam, it's name came official in 1886. The Rolling Dam is large and backs up a lot of water into a mill pond that was used to power the Blackstone Manufacturing Company in 1904 and currently provides waterpower for hydroelectricity.The river is wide enough for people to use canoes and to go fishing, but we just walked the trails! 

Water in the Blackstone River drops 438 feet in its 46 mile journey from Worcester, MA to Pawtucket  RI and eventually empties into Narragansett Bay in Providence. It runs through urban areas, historic mill villages, past farmland and through forests, inviting paddlers to explore the remnants of its heritage. 

 The construction of the Blackstone Canal was from 1824-1828, it was a lot faster to hale cargo by using the Canal. Today, the elements that turned this quiet valley into an industrial powerhouse are still present. The river, the canal, the mill villages, the agricultural landscape and many of the mills are still here, part of the landscape of the Blackstone River Valley.


As we continued along the river we were eager to learn that the River was once one of the hardest working Rivers in American and the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution!
Its waters powered the Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI, America's first successful cotton spinning mill. The natural path provided a resource that could be easily harnessed for generating water power beginning in the 17th Century. It amazes me how much history is involved in this place of beauty!!
If only the trees were alive I am sure they could tell us lots and lots of stories about this beautiful state park!! Everything here is so beautiful and there is so much history that even Mom didn't know about!!
The park is such a wonderful place to come and relax but it wasn't until we were home that we looked up the history of the river and we learned so much! There is history in almost everything or anywhere we go. We live in the country but even in the country there is history. Today was such a great day and I can not wait to go back soon now that I  know the history and maybe we can walk farther next time we go!! It's a lot of  hiking but it is so worth it!!
As I headed up from enjoying the beautiful waterfalls I noticed these rock stairs, I wonder what there where once for, now they lead to the falls!!!
 I took one last look at this beautiful place and Can't wait to visit again!! Have you ever visited anywhere where you didn't know was full of history? 
Well, that's all for now, until next time!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome to my world!

Hello, I am Molly Susan McIntire. I just wanted to introduce myself, I am 10 years old and I have just moved into my new home with my Mom. 
I just love how big my new home is with a big yard to play in! Some of the things I love is my new home of course, I love the fall time and my Mom says New England Falls are the greatest! 
I also love that just like in my old town in Jefferson, we have four seasons!!  I enjoy sitting outside and enjoying the weather as it is still summer time here! My favorite animal is owls, of course, they are so majestic and beautiful!! I love to spend quiet days in my room curled up with a good book, but I love new adventures and going shopping like any girl!
Another thing I love is all the beautiful gardens in our yard!! My mom tells me they are really beautiful in the spring and early summer, I guess I will have to wait until next year to see them!! 
Well that's all for now!! Stay tuned to see all my adventures here!!