Monday, November 3, 2014

Animal Sanctuary

Hello friends, today I got the chance to visit Animal Sanctuary! A.S. is a place where injured animals live. Some are released back into the wild once they are better but some live there because of their injuries.
The owner took Mom and I on a tour of the grounds. All the animals were so cute! When he told us they had some owls, I got so excited! Owls are my absolute favorite animals EVER! 
As we approached the owls, they where just so cute! The guy told me these owls stay there at the Sanctuary. He told me they are always reserving donations and people come in and adopt an owl. It provides them with food and the meds that they need. I looked at mom and she knew what I was thinking. The adoption was perfect! As I looked for the perfect little owl to adopt, one called out to me!
This little one flew onto my shoulder and I knew she was the one! I made sure I was very careful as I pet her, she looked so happy to be with me! 
With the adoption complete the owner handed me this little book!
The book told me all about my owl. I found out, she is a Barn Owl! The book told me Barn Owls, like her, generally have heart-shaped faces and are famous for flying silent as ghosts. 
Inside the little book there is a Certificate Of Adoption where I sign and choose a name for my owl! I picked Gypsy Snow!
As I read on I was surprised to find out that owls are dinosaurs! Yes, that's right, dinosaurs. The book says, way back along its family tree owls, like all birds, are related to T-Rex. Owls eat meat, and most stalk the night to find it. Some nab animals like mice off the ground. Others snatch fellow birds out of the air. Still others swoop low over water to pluck out fish. Very interesting!
It was time to say good-bye to my new friend. But before I left Gypsy, I promised I would be back very soon. I so wish I could take Gypsy home with me, but mom said she must stay with her friends!

Have you ever adopted a special animal or friend?!! Until next time. my friends!!!