Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sleepover with Emily!

Last week my best friend, Emily, came over!! We were so glad to be living in the same neighborhood again we wanted to do something special. Mom wanted to wait until I was all settled into our new home, so we set a date and it finally arrived!!
After dinner we planned out our night of fun and games!! It had been a long time scene we had seen each other so we were so excited to be together once again!! First we played our most favorite game, Pick Up Sticks!!
First you hold the sticks up straight then let them fall in a great heep! Then one by one you pick them up without moving the other sticks!! It's great fun, especially when you have a friend like Emily!!
Next we played Connect Four, one of Emily's favorite games!!
We played until we were tired so we got all dressed up in our jammies and I helped Emily set up her bed  and soon it was time for bed!!
But not before a pillow fight!! Which is our favorite thing to do at our sleepovers!! Once we were so tired that we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer it was time for bed!!
It was so much fun to have Emily over to spend the night and I can not wait for many more adventures with her and of course lots and lots more sleepovers with pillow fights!!!