Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nature walk!

Today, Mom was out of work early and it was so beautiful out, so we wanted to spend some time outside and what better way to do that is to take a walk!!
Mom told me that we had a bunch of walking trails in the back of our house so we wanted to walk those instead of just going around the neighborhood!! There are lots of trails so Mom told me it's always best to go with someone else then walking alone, plus it's always so much more fun when others go with you!!
After walking for awhile we stopped to rest for a bit and just enjoy the sunshine! The trails are really rocky so we had to be very careful not to trip and fall and of course not to get lost!!
As we continued on our way, we came across a feather! Living in the country we see lots and lots of birds, especially in the spring time! I think this is a crow's feather and I wanted to touch it and feel how soft it was but Mom was against it!!
We continued on and came across this twisty and low tree!! It was so cool how it has grown over the years!! It reminded me of Bridge to Terabithia!! While we looked at every twist and turn, I had the urge to climb up a bit, as long as I did not go too far! I felt like a little monkey as I climbed!!
We carried on and we saw this and we were like WOW!! Mom wondered if it happened during when hurricane Sandy hit our area! Mom and my Aunt walked the same trail a year ago and this was never here!! It was amazing to see a tree completely torn up and with the earth still attached!!
 I am still amazed at the sight of this!! It's crazy what nature can do! I am just glad no one lives on the trails and no one was hurt by the tree!!
Here is the same tree, it just keeps going and going and going!! I still can't believe it!!!

It was time to head on home!! I had lots of fun walking the trails with my Mom and I can not wait until to walk the tails again when the pretty leaves start to change color!!
We were almost home when I spotted the first colorful leave!! I love the oranges and greens of it!!! Autumn is on it's way!! Until next time!!!!