Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter everyone!! It's a tradition in our family on Easter to get dressed up in our best outfit and have a lovely dinner. This morning I woke up to find an Easter basket from my mom! She said it's from the Easter bunny!!
Look at all the treasures the "bunny" left me!!
The first thing I pulled out of my basket was an owl named Swoops. I love owls so much!! He is super cute!
I love ponies.. she is so precious!!
The next gift was Uno, I can't wait to play this when Emily comes over!
So many colorful eggs, which one to eat first?!!
Lots of treats to eat, I almost don't want to eat the little lamb.... Almost!!!!
I got a My Little Pony mystery packet, I got Berryshine, isn't she cute!!!
I love all the Disney princesses and I love this book!!
I love this little one!! She is so soft and fluffy!! I think she is my favorite out of my whole basket!!
Happy is sooo cute!!! She is so different then the others I have!!
I love these little books!!! Maybe I will bring this on the plane in September!!

Did you get a basket today, what did you get?!! Happy Easter to all!!!