Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zoo Trip

Hello people, it's been awhile I know, but preparing for school to start has taken up some of my time!! But I wanted to tell you about a trip I took almost two weeks ago!!

Two weeks ago was my Mom's birthday so we thought long and hard of places we wanted to go!! Where did we end up?!! The ZOO!!!
As soon as we got there we saw the beautiful parrots, we tryed and tryed to get them to talk, but they would not say a word, but as soon as we started to walk away they said, "Goodbye" it was quite funny!!
The next animal we spotted was the giant turtle!! I think giant is an understatement because man were these guys huge!!They don't move very fast, but being that big I don't blame them!!  
Next up was the rhinos!! They were so darn cute, I think these were the babies because they weren't very big!! They reminded me of the rhinos in Lion King 2!!
As we walked through the African Plains we came across the tigers, Mom's favorite animal!! They were so beautiful, but moved way too fast that I couldn't get in the picture with them!! 
We continued on our wild adventure when we came upon little kangaroos.. can you see the little one laying in the sun?
In the African Plains we spotted the baboons!! I love the many different colors on their faces and their little babies are so cute!! I am reminded of Rafiki from Lion King!!
Mom and I looked on the zoo's website a week before we went to the zoo to see what was new to the zoo and come to find out these little guys were build a new habitat!! The prairie dogs were so funny to watch!! Especially the look out, can you spot him?! Some ran around and played, some dug tunnels but that little lookout was not moving, but as soon as it was time to say good-bye to them he followed us as if he didn't want us to go!!
Another new attraction to the zoo this year is the mine!!  We did not get to hunt for treasure, but Mom said maybe next time we can!! It was so cool to see a mine!!
The chimps had to be my all time favorite to watch!! They are beautiful creatures and the little baby, Tanzie, is so cute and so funny, I love her so much!!
The sika deer were so beautiful and majestic, my Aunt, who came along with us along with my Gram, got to feed the deer. They were so beautiful and I have never seen deer so close, but they were hungry!! 
The camels were so wonderful to see! I still can't believe in there humps they carry water, that's a lot of water, at least they will never go thirsty!! My Aunt told me when she was a bit younger than me, she rode a camel!! 
While we continued our wild journey we stopped to say hi to the alligators! I wouldn't wanna put my hand over that fence!! Can you see him?!
Back in the African Plains we visited the zebras!!They are so beautiful!! I love how their strips gleam in the sun!! I wonder if they are black with white stripes or white with black stripes?!!
This little giraffe was super friendly! She definitely loved the attention and when I got home I found out her name is Molly, just like mine!!
This little monkey was so funny, he kept putting this bucket on his head and running around with it, it was so silly!! I could watch them for hours if I could!!
This little monkey was so cute!! He kept watching us but kept his foot on his head, we wondered if he had a headache, but he never took his eyes off of us!!
I loved the baby lions the most of all!! There names are Levonna and LJ, they are brother and sister and were just born at the beginning of the year!! They have to stay separate from the parents so nothing happens to them!!
After we were all done seeing all the animals and before we went home, I got to pick out something from the gift shop, I chose these too!! The little monkey I named Tanzie after the little chimp and the little owl I named Onyx!! 
Have you ever been to the zoo, what was your favorite animal? We had so much fun and I can not wait to go again!!


  1. What an exciting adventure. Love all the animals. Can't wait to see what comes next.

    1. It was exciting!! We had a blast and can not wait to go back!!

  2. LOVE seeing your trip! Felt like I was there! Never been to a Zoo but plan on it one day!! That was a HUGE gator!!! I love seeing all the pics of the animals, especially the giraffe! I also loved your hairstyle!! I gotta try that one day!! :D Can't wait to read more!

    1. I loved my first trip to the zoo with my Mom!! She says it's the biggest zoo in New England so you will have to come visit us!! The gator was huge and there were other but they were hiding!! New adventure will be up soon!!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome trip to the zoo. I loved the tiger! Great pictures.

    1. We did have an awesome time, I love the tigers too.. it was rather warm out so if we were hot they must be hot too.. I felt bad for them!!